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Roebling Suspension Bridge Won't Reopen Until June, Officials Say

Bill Rinehart
Despite closure signs, people can be seen walking around on the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet expects a final consultant's report on damage to the Roebling Suspension Bridge next week. Until then, the bridge remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.The cabinet estimates repairs on the 150-year-old bridge won't be finished until June. It's been closed since March 20, when a car struck a section of the bridge while driving from Ohio to Kentucky.

"The vehicle that struck the bridge did some damage to one of the vertical members and there's some stress on that piece, and if you have stress on any part of the bridge it could put stress on other parts of the bridge," explains Nancy Wood, a spokeswoman with the transportation cabinet. "As a safety precaution, we're restricting traffic and pedestrians from the bridge."

Wood says Kentucky has bridge maintenance funds for these kind of repairs. However, "in situations like this, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet would seek reimbursement through the car owner's insurance," Wood says.

Despite barriers and closure signs, people were seen walking across the bridge over the weekend. Wood is issuing a call that people respect the closure signs and stay off the historic structure. "The closures are there for a reason."