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Court Street Remodel Plan Unveiled

Bill Rinehart
Court Street will be able to host street festivals under the new configuration, according to the task force.

Two-way traffic, street parking, and wider sidewalks are some of the features of a remodeled Court Street east of Vine. Cincinnati, 3CDC and the Pedestrian Task Force unveiled the plan Wednesday afternoon.

The plans remove the center island between Vine and Walnut and reduce street parking spaces. 3CDC says the new lot at Walnut and Central Parkway more than makes up the difference.

The plan's designers say wider sidewalks will allow for more patio space for restaurants and makes street crossings safer.

Mayor John Cranley says it fits with his vision of making the city more pedestrian friendly.

"We're still going to pursue, although not immediately, Vine Street two ways down to the river, Ninth Street two ways, and looking at more two-way street conversions, which slows down traffic, makes people feel safer to walk or bike, and adds to the vibrancy and renaissance of Downtown."

Task Force Chair Roxanne Qualls says earlier proposals met with some resistance.

"I believe that what came forward finally was a plan that really will achieve the goals that we were tasked with but also is responsive to the concerns of the community."

3CDC's Steve Leeper says remodeling Court Street will lead to more economic development nearby.

"This section of Downtown has become no-man's-land. Between Fountain Square and Over-the-Rhine we've seen over the last couple of years significant deterioration, vacancies, surface parking lots, dormant properties, and as a result we have some major public safety concerns."

He pointed to a deadly shooting at Eighth and Walnut a week before and an overdose death in the doorway of a condominium on Court.

3CDC plans to invest $12 million renovating buildings on the south side of Court Street.

Leeper says new businesses and new residences along Court will act as a bridge between Fountain Square and Over-the-Rhine. The work is projected to be done by next spring.

Bill Rinehart started his radio career as a disc jockey in 1990. In 1994, he made the jump into journalism and has been reporting and delivering news on the radio ever since.