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Here's What's New With Cincinnati's Police Accountability Efforts

Michael E. Keating

This year, Cincinnati observed the 20th anniversary of the police killing of Timothy Thomas, which eventually led to a series of reforms collectively called the Collaborative Agreement. Despite acclaim for those reforms, debate continues about elements of the Collaborative, including a police accountability board called the Citizen Complaint Authority.

Its advocates, including Executive Director Gabe Davis, argue that much more funding is needed in order to work through a backlog of complaints against Cincinnati Police officers that need to be investigated. That call comes as the number of complaints against officers sustained by the CCA is on the rise.

Meanwhile, another police shooting in Louisville recently sparked a newer change to CPD. Police there were serving a no-knock warrant last year when they shot and killed Breonna Taylor in her apartment. She was not a suspect in any crime. The incident and attendant uproar across the country eventually convinced the city of Cincinnati to clarify CPD's policies when it comes to those warrants. 

Joining Cincinnati Edition are Citizen Complaint AuthorityExecutive Director Gabe Davis, Cincinnati Black United Front Member Iris Roley, Assistant Cincinnati City Solicitor Mark Manning, Ohio Justice and Policy CenterDeputy Director Sasha Naiman and Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Seelbach. 

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