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ODOT picks plan for replacement pedestrian bridge between Downtown and Mt. Adams

An artist interpretation of the replacement bridge between Downtown and Mt. Adams. The view is from above, looking at the bridge over I-71, the ramp to I-471, and Gilbert Avenue. A curved ramp is on the western end of the crossing.
An artist rendering of the planned replacement bridge between Downtown and Mt. Adams.

ODOT has picked an option to replace a pedestrian bridge between Cincinnati and Mt. Adams. The new connection will be a single bridge over Gilbert and I-71, next to the current spans.

A release says a replacement is needed because the two pedestrian crossings are starting to deteriorate. They were built in the 1960s, but engineers are concerned about safety, for those passing over or under.

A virtual open house in June and July 2022 presented two options: Alternative 1, which was selected, puts the replacement at the end of Van Meter Street. Alternative 2 shifted the bridge to the south, east end of the bridge to the south on Van Meter, connecting to Eggleston at Sentinel St.

Both replacement alternatives are ADA compliant, and two feet wider than the existing bridge.

According to the ODOT release, planners will start working with the city on a design and appearance for the bridge.

Construction should start in 2026. The estimated cost is $6.6 million, which has increased from the $4.7 million presented last summer.

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