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Cincinnati Metro launches new on-demand service

MetroNow vans will pick up users of the new service for $2 each way.
Cincinnati Metro
MetroNow vans will pick up users of the new service for $2 each way.

If you live in Springdale or Sharonville and rely on the bus, you won't have to wait quite so long to get around within your community.

On May 22, Metro launched a new service called MetroNow in those suburban areas.

The program provides on-demand rides within designated zones in special vans for $2 a ride. Riders have two options: a quicker pickup if they're willing to meet at a designated pickup location usually no more than a block away; or a slightly longer wait for a van that comes directly to the address they request.

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The transit authority compares the program to rideshare services like Uber and says it's a way to provide more connectivity in areas without high enough density for added bus service.

Eventually, Metro plans to expand the service into six communities throughout Hamilton County. The bus service will bring MetroNow to Northgate and Mount Healthy next month. By the end of the year, the transit service says it will also expand the program into Blue Ash/Evendale, Bond Hill/Roselawn, Montfort Heights/Finneytown and Pleasant Run North.

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