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Island Christmas Holiday concert


Elaine Diehl recently sat down with Scotty McEvoy, one of the producers of a unique holiday concert, to talk about Island Christmas Holiday, scheduled for Thursday, December 21st at The Church in Oakley.  He characterized the show as “where 'White Christmas' meets Bob Marley and 'A Prairie Home Companion’ meets Jimmy Buffett.”  

During the interview, Scotty talks about some of the instruments the band will be playing like steel drums, steel pan and a ukulele.  The music will include medleys, and the Young Professionals Choral Collective will be joining them, too.  There are also rumors that Santa Claus might take over the drums at some point. 

Here's a description of the show from their press release:  "Island Christmas Holiday is produced by Scotty McEvoy (The SunBurners) and Mark Becknell (Queen City Silver Stars), who wanted to bring their two musical communities together to spread positive, island vibes in what can be a very hectic season. The show gives guests a brief “island holiday” from the hustle and bustle.   Highlights from the program include a visit from Santa Claus, a dramatic island adaptation of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and an epic Christmas Songbook sing-a-long at the end of the night (soca-style!).  The Church will be decked out in Christmas lights and other decorations.  Guests are invited to dress accordingly (ugly Christmas sweaters encouraged!)."

Here's a link to tickets.