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The 11th Republican Presidential Debate In 100 Words (And 4 Videos)

If you thought you'd seen everything during a GOP presidential debate, you were wrong. The tenor of the 11th debate was set early when Trump assured America that his, um, member was of adequate size. Seriously, that happened. Afterward, amid shouts and taunts, Rubio and Cruz raised questions about Trump's business record: about hiring undocumented workers, his company manufacturing overseas and the lawsuit against Trump University. Trump even admitted twice to flip-flops. Both candidates dared Trump to release a recording from an off-the-record talk with The New York Times on immigration. Kasich tried to remain above the fray. The highlights:

That's the quickie version of what happened in the 11th Republican presidential debate of the 2016 race Thursday night. The politics team has wall-to-wall coverage.

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