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Rep. Paul Ryan brings Romney campaign to Miami University

Tana Weingartner

Vice presidential hopeful Rep. Paul Ryan returned to his alma mater Miami University to rally support for the Romney campaign. Several thousand supporters cheered and waved American flags as he jogged to the podium.

The 1992 Miami grad called it good to back on campus.

“I spent a lot of my formative years here. I like my Skyline 5-way, turkey gobblers, cheese fries at Skippers, Bagel and Deli is still here for sure, right? Oh, I also went to school here,” he laughed.

Credit Tana Weingartner
Ryan's political foundations were formed at Miami with help from Prof. Rich Hart (left). He's pictured here with Gov. John Kasich (center) and Sen. Rob Portman.

Ryan took the president to task saying Mr. Obama is out of ideas so his campaign is instead going negative, a theme the Romney/Ryan team has been stressing. Ryan says the Republican ticket is about offering solutions for bolstering the economy.

“That’s what the Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class is all about - growth, opportunity, jobs. It’s a plan to create 12 million jobs in the first four years. 452,000 jobs in Ohio alone if we get this economy growing,” he says.

Using domestic energy resources is one way to grow the economy Ryan says. Turning to Gov. Kasich, Ryan asked, “John, you guys got a lot of coal and a lot of natural gas here, right?” As Kasich nodded, Ryan shouted, “Well, let’s use it then, alright!”

Both campaigns are spending a lot of time talking about health care. Ryan welcomes a Medicare debate, saying the Romney/Ryan team will win that fight by protecting and strengthening the program. He accused the Obama administration of robbing Medicare to fund the Affordable Care Act.

Ryan closed by reminding the crowd that Ohio could be vital in determining the outcome of the November election. “Together we can get this done,” he concluded.

From Oxford, Ryan heads to the Canton area for a Thursday rally.

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