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A preview of next week's mid-term election with The Political Junkie and other special guests


The mid-term election is just days away, and while some races look as if they?'ve already been decided, there are many where polls show candidates are running neck and neck, with voter turnout being the key to a win. Will Republicans take control of the senate, could Ed Fitzgerald stage a last-minute surprise and become Ohio'?s next governor, and will Mitch McConnell be the next senate majority leader, or end his 30 years in congress? Here to take a hard look at those and other questions as election day nears are Political Junkie Ken Rudin; Dr. Gene Beaupre, Xavier University assistant director for Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors Program and director for Government Relations; Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau reporter Jo Ingles; Scott Wartman, Kentucky Politics and Government reporter for The Enquirer; and WVXU Political Reporter Howard Wilkinson.