2018 No Response Festival

Apr 16, 2018

The No Response Festival returns to The Woodward Theater for two nights of avant-garde experimental music. Co-founders John Rich and John Lorenz provide more information about the festival and other art performance events, including a screening from the Mini Microcinema and an in-store performance at Torn Light Records.

This year's lineup of artists includes:

Thursday, June 21:
Body / Head (featuring Kim Gordon and Bob Nace)
Ikue Mori
Joe & Joe (Joe Potts & Joseph Hammer)
Circuit des Yeux (solo voice set)

Friday, June 22:
Keiji Haino
To Live And Shave In LA
Robert Turman
Olivia Block

Tickets to the 2018 No Response Festival are available from The Woodward Theater or from noresponsefestival.com.