Cincinnati Police Officers Will Help Secure Washington DC

Jan 9, 2017

Cincinnati Police officers will head to Washington D.C. next week. Lt. Steve Saunders says 40 officers are providing security during the presidential inauguration.

"Essentially, we're along the parade route, along Pennsylvania Avenue, (they) want us to be eyes and ears and assist the Metropolitan Police Department as well as help with crowd control and the flow of people along the parade route."

Saunders says DC Metropolitan Police request assistance from other departments each inaugural and Cincinnati has historically answered the call.

"Our decision to put in for that and volunteer was long before the outcome of the election. We're basically non-partisan when it comes to going out there. We're just doing our part to help with safety and making sure people in D.C. are able to enjoy the experience."

Officers volunteer for the detail. Saunders says the sign-up sheet was posted months ago and the chief made the final decision.

Saunders says this will be his first inauguration and he's excited.

"From what I understand it's very cold, which you would expect in January in Washington, D.C. And it's a long, long day, especially the day of the inauguration. They say it's about a 16-hour day because we have to get out on the parade route so early and then the parade takes a while."

Officers will travel to Washington on January 18, spend the 19th getting deputized and in training, and return on the 21st. The inauguration is January 20.

Cincinnati will be reimbursed for the cost of the trip.

Sheriff's offices from Hamilton, Clermont, and Butler counties are not sending deputies. A spokesman for the Buckeye Sheriff's Association says he was not aware of any requests to Ohio sheriff's departments.