Cincinnati Port's strategic plan

Oct 30, 2012

The Greater Cincinnati Port Authority is working to finalize a strategic plan that will guide its work for the next two years. 

Executive Director Laura Brunner presented the proposal Tuesday to City Council’s Strategic Growth Committee. 

She said some may be surprised the plan is only for two years instead of a longer period.

“I feel like we’ve got enough foundational questions to resolve in the next two years, and we’re trying to balance that with a strong desire for people to know what we’re doing,” Brunner said.  “So we kind of balanced that and said we’ll do a 2014 plan now, and by the end of 2014 we’ll have a much longer range, perhaps 2040 plan, to share with the region that really demonstrates how we think we can add value over the long term.”

The Port’s goals for the next two years include improving property values in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and attracting jobs and residents to the region.

It plans to do that with 5 steps which include:  increase inland port operations; develop land in strategic locations; stabilize targeted communities; manage an innovative and comprehensive public finance plan; and communicate to lead change and build trust.

“There are a lot of properties that are under-utilized and aren’t currently at their highest and best use,” Brunner said.  “So as we transition assets that we have within our city or within our region to make them more desirable for long-term investment, for the current circumstances we have to do some repositioning.”

The Port will also work to stabilize communities in the city and the county with plans to create housing and other developments. 

The targeted list includes 8 city neighborhoods and 6 county communities.  Those are:  Walnut Hills, Evanston, Madisonville, Avondale, Norwood, St, Bernard, Fairfax, Price Hill, Northside, South Cumminsville,  College Hill, North College Hill, Mt. Healthy and Colerain Township.
Officials are holding public meetings this week and next to get feedback on the proposed strategic plan.

The Port’s board will be asked to approve the strategic plan next month.