Cincinnati Reds: Broadcaster Waite Hoyt

Aug 14, 2012

This one-hour special highlights the broadcasting career of Waite Hoyt who called play-by-play for the Cincinnati Reds from 1942-1965.

This special includes interviews with his widow Betty Hoyt; Greg Rhodes, Reds Team Historian; Joyce Graeter, Reds Hall of Fame volunteer; Phil Nuxhall, son of Reds player/broadcaster Joe Nuxhall; and Chris Eckes, Reds Hall of Fame Operations Manager & Chief Curator.

Betty Hoyt shares some of her memories of Waite Hoyt including his passion for reading and her own passion for baseball which led to a job at the National League Baseball office and meeting Waite Hoyt.

Greg Rhodes details Waite Hoyt’s baseball and broadcasting career from playing with the Yankees to calling play-by-play with the Cincinnati Reds.

He also discusses the early broadcast booths.

Chris Eckes discusses the Waite Hoyt items on display at the Reds Hall of Fame including a 1972 letter Mr. Hoyt wrote to Johnny Bench and two of Hoyt’s oil paintings.

Phil Nuxhall talks about his memories of another great Reds broadcaster, his father Joe Nuxhall, and compares him to Waite Hoyt.

Joyce Graeter reminisces about Waite Hoyt’s broadcasts using a ticker tape, his ad libs when the tape broke, his famous rain delay stories, as well as stories about his friend Babe Ruth.

You’ll enjoy the Burger Beer March and Hoyt’s famous rain delay stories. The special is hosted by Mark Heyne and produced by Lee Hay.