Cincy Council delays voting on new rules for a week

Dec 3, 2013

Cincinnati Council will go another week without a set of official rules to guide its activities.

Rules Committee Chairman Kevin Flynn delayed a vote Tuesday on a document he created and presented to council members Sunday.

"This is a first draft," Flynn said. "It's not the rules of Kevin Flynn, it's the result of Council. So I want all members of Council to weigh-in on these rules, to make suggestions to make them better."

Flynn said that how the group will "get the best rules to govern ourselves over the next four years.

One possible change will benefit public speakers. Residents will now be able to speak for three minutes during committee sessions. They'll still be limited to two minutes during regular Council meetings.

Another big change will bar the Mayor from preventing votes on items he doesn't agree with, even if a majority of council supports them. Former Mayor Mark Mallory did that a lot, and many called it his pocket veto.

The Rules Committee could meet next week and adopt a revised document. In the meantime, Council and its committees will follow Robert's Rules of Order. A majority of members will be able to vote to overrule the mayor or chairman if they don't agree with a ruling