Columbus Mounted Unit Coming To Cincinnati For All-Star Game

Jul 10, 2015

Some Columbus mounted patrol officers are coming to Cincinnati to help with security during All-Star Game events.  

The Cincinnati Police Department said they will be on patrol Saturday and Tuesday.  

Chief Jeffrey Blackwell thanked the Columbus Police Department for its assistance.  He said the purpose is simple.

“They’re coming to increase our high profile visibility this weekend,” Blackwell said.  “We all know that horses have a vantage point that is a lot higher than anyone else, and they’ll be able to see over crowds and be seen as well to enhance the safety.”

On Saturday, the horses will be near Fountain Square and Downtown.  On Tuesday, they will be near Great American Ball Park.  A Cincinnati officer will serve as a liaison for the Columbus officers providing directions and communications.  

The newly formed Cincinnati Police Foundation is covering the cost, which is expected to be less than $3,000.  

That group is also working with CPD to restore the city's mounted patrol.  It was cut a couple years ago to save money.  

The foundation will be seeking private donations for startup costs, and the police chief says he can absorb annual operating costs within his budget.