Could cholesterol drug prevent colorectal cancer recurrence?

Mar 18, 2013

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute are studying whether a widely used cholesterol-reducing drug can help prevent the recurrence of colorectal cancer.

The multi-year study is currently looking for participants.

Dr. Martha Ferguson is an assistant professor of surgery at UC's Division of Colorectal Surgery.

She says, "We now have a number of cholesterol-reducing drugs and they've been show to decrease inflammation and there are some studies that show that they may decrease the formation of precancerous lesions in the colon. So if we can identify those people that are at very high risk and potentially reduce their chances of getting one later, it would be a very useful drug."

Ferguson says colorectal cancer is curable if caught early. She says women are equally as likely to get it as men, so she encourages everyone be tested.