County Pushing Forward On Developing Banks Music Venue

Aug 21, 2018

It's time to get moving on the proposed music venue at The Banks, according to county leaders. Hamilton County commissioners are directing the board's administration to proceed with negotiations on the southwestern lots of The Banks, known as lots 23, 27 and 28.

Cincinnati Council must approve the location as well.

The Bengals have been opposed to the location bordering Paul Brown Stadium, preferring lot 24.

County administration officials say they'll now begin negotiating in earnest with the team. Commissioner Chris Monzel sounded optimistic following Tuesday's decision.

"We've been able to work with them productively in the past and we will continue to do that in this case."

The timeline for a development agreement hasn't been set.

Earlier this year, the county and city selected the Cincinnati Symphony (CSO) and Music and Event Management, Inc. (MEMI) to develop a music venue at The Banks. Plans originally called for the facility to be ready in fall 2019. It's unclear if that timeline is still feasible.

The CSO/MEMI Proposal (as of June 11, 2018)

CSO/MEMI proposes a largely indoor venue that could hold 600 to 4,000 people. It would be built on just one three-quarter acre lot at The Banks with lots of park space surrounding, which could be used to host up to 8,000 people for outdoor events, of which it anticipates having about 20-25 per year. The seasonal, outdoor stage would be a temporary structure. The cost of the project, titled "Riverview" in the proposal, is $19.2 million with no public funding requested. It would be ready by November 2019.