Hartmann to take over Hamilton County Commission presidency

Jan 12, 2015

Commissioner Greg Hartmann
Credit Sarah Ramsey / WVXU

Hamilton County Commissioners gather Monday for their annual organizational meeting.

Greg Hartmann is expected to take over as board president.

He says says jobs, public safety, and dealing with Metropolitan Sewer District issues top his plans for 2015.

"The bickering between the city and the county does not help rate-payers," says Hartmann. "I think that the Mayor certainly agrees with me on that and I think that that's an opportunity for us to really do better for rate-payers and get on the same page. We've committed to work more collaboratively on the sewer district and that's going to be an important focus."

Monday's meeting also marks the beginning of Chris Monzel's second term on the board. He'll officially be sworn in during the meeting. His mother is expected to perform the honors as she did four years ago. He'll also use the same family heirloom bible while his three children lead the Pledge of Allegiance.