How People With Mental Illness Can Find Employment

Jul 1, 2019

The majority of individuals with serious mental illness express the desire to work, yet their employment rates are estimated to be 22%, with little more than half of that percentage working full-time.

People struggling with serious mental illness are often labeled as "too sick" or "too dangerous" to work. Unlike those with physical health issues, those with a mental illness are typically blamed for their behavior and symptoms.

But work can be a strong aid to recovery, and as attitudes have started shifting away from the stigma associated with mental illnesses, more training programs and employment opportunities have become available to people with mental health issues.

IKRON (Integration of Knowledge and Resources for Occupational Needs), has been providing integrated quality behavioral health services in Greater Cincinnati and the Tri-state for 50 years.

The mission of IKRON (@ikroncorp) is to help adults and youth build self-confidence, attain greater self-sufficiency, lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives and obtain and maintain satisfying employment.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss job training and employment opportunities for individuals experiencing mental illness, substance abuse and other severe barriers to finding and maintaining employment are IKRON Director of Program Services Melissa Harmeling, MA, LPCC-S; Director of Employment Services Darla Menz, LPCC-S; and IKRON Development HR and Events Manager Adrienne Gallagher.

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