MSD: No Planned Rate Increase Until 2020

Dec 5, 2018

Metropolitan Sewer District customers won't see a rate increase next year, if the district's 2019 budget is adopted as is. Director Diana Christy says it would be the fourth consecutive year without a rate hike.

"But our study does recommend, starting in 2020, a modest rate increase. We've presented an option of (three) one percent increases starting in 2020 and an alternative of three percent in just the one year in 2020," she told Hamilton County commissioners Wednesday.

Christy points out, "Our financial advisors and the rate study explains that in 2020 if we don't have this rate increase, we will drop below key financial indicators if we don't replenish our reserve funds."

Overall, Christy says the proposed operating budget is 4.1 percent more than the 2018 budget because of increased costs, including health care, chemicals, costs associated with the monthly billing system and the sewer backup program.

Commissioners have until the end of the month to approve the budget.