New Security Scanning Technology Looks To Expand In Cincinnati Area Businesses, Government, Schools

Dec 23, 2019

At Great American Ball Park, technology inside a couple of unobtrusive planters use artificial intelligence and magnets to make sure people coming inside don't have weapons or explosive devices. Ginter Electric, a Patriot One Technologies dealer, installed the system and is partnering with the Cincinnati Reds.  Ginter's T. J. Dooley is looking to sign up businesses, governments and schools.

The Reds are not revealing the location of this new technology. However, the team is not removing the metal detectors, which fans will still have to go through. It can be in a planter box like the one pictured above, or a sign pole, a door frame or even embedded in the wall.

The PATSCAN TMS system uses artificial intelligence and magnets to detect large barreled weapons and IED devices. Should there be a threat, the system can alarm, lock doors and text or email security.

Here's a video of the technology and an explanation by the company CEO Martin Cronin.

The technology automatically eliminates non-threat items like cell phones. The manufacturer says the system doesn't pose any health threats.

It is convenient. "Typically you'd have to take your phone, your keys, your wallet, potentially your belt and your shoes - all of that stuff would have to come off," Dooley says. "With this technology, as long as those threats that you potentially have don't line up with a weapon, then you don't have to do anything." 

It is expensive technology but Ginter Electric, who is talking to other businesses, city governments and schools, says it doesn't cost as much as buying a metal detector, a hand-held wand, an x-ray machine and paying a security guard. A bigger sell might be convincing people to go with something different.

There are actually four Patriot One systems, which when coupled together, can potentially eliminate all threats. The PATSCAN TMS uses magnets. The PATSCAN CMR uses microwave radar so as to not interfere with pacemakers or any sort of electronic device. The PATSCAN VRS uses video surveillance to identify threats in plain view. And the PATSCAN STS uses special sensors to detect airborne trace explosives, chemical warfare agents and volatile organics at parts per billion sensitivity.