Westwood Square funding vote April 10th

Mar 27, 2013

Several organizations now say they're ready to move forward on planning for a Westwood Civic Square.  Four organizations sent an e-mail Tuesday to Mayor Mark Mallory and Council Members on the project.

The four groups are asking Council to delay a vote on funding a feasibility study on the proposal until April 10th.  

The groups say in the e-mail a community meeting was held Monday and plans were put into place to form a coalition with representatives from the Westwood Civic Association, Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, Westwood Works and the Westwood Historical Society.  

There'll also be representatives from the business district and nearby neighbors.  The e-mail says the coalition will be the point of connect for the proposed project and decisions will be made through it with input from all stakeholders.  The groups asked for the funding vote delay to allow the coalition to formally establish itself.  

"Exciting things are happening in Westwood and we ask for your continued support by a 'yes' vote to approve the feasibility study for the future of Westwood Square," the e-mail said.

Council was supposed to vote on $10,000 for the feasibility study last week.  But the item was held after a letter from Civic Association said the plan needed more discussion.  

The improvements are proposed for the intersections of Harrison, Epworth and Urwiler Avenues.  

The square plan was the result of a three-day urban design workshop held last fall to flesh out the neighborhood's vision for redevelopment of the business and adjacent residential areas.