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Hamilton County judicial races and Ohio Supreme Court contests will be pivotal this year — but they're often ignored

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The Ohio Supreme Court played a pivotal role in the battle over redistricting, one of the state's biggest political stories this year.

Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor played a central role in that drama. She's leaving the court due to age restrictions and the battle is on to take her seat and two others. The races could decide the balance of the court as it continues to play a big role in Ohio politics.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss those races are USA Today Network Ohio Bureau Reporter Laura Bischoff and Statehouse Reporter Laura Hancock.

Judicial races in Hamilton County aren't always the most high-profile. But the seats on the county court are also central to many issues we see in local headlines. From individual cases to broader issues like abortion, racial justice and those experiencing homelessness, judges in Hamilton County have big influence.

Also joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about those races are League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area past president Elizabeth Brown and Cincinnati Bar Association board member and past president John J. Williams.

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