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Cyberattacks Are The Focus Of An Upcoming Data Security Conference In Cincinnati


According to the Identity Theft Research Center, more than 178 million records on Americans were exposed in cyberattacks last year. Hackers target both personal users and the data systems of large corporations to steal information for use in other criminal activities, to ransom back to the owner, or to further some ideological cause.

Cybersecurity experts are holding the BSides Cincinnati conference here next week to share information on internet and data systems security. Joining us to discuss the upcoming conference, the growing risk of cyberthreats and the increasing need for organizations and individuals to continuously monitor and update their data systems security are CBTS (Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions) Director for Security Services, Justin Hall; Morphick Lead Responder and Post Sales Engineer, Tony Hudson; and Threat Intel Leader with Ashland, Inc., Nate Hausrath.

The BSides Cincinnati May 21 conference is sold out. To find information about BSides conferences taking place in other cities, click here. To view videos of presentations from the BSides Cincinnati 2015 conference, click here