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Using Sensor Research To Improve Technology

University of Cincinnati
Local researchers are looking for answers in the sensory abilities of bats.

Detecting signs of cancer with a breath test.  Robotic bats that could shape the future of unmanned aerial vehicles. These are a couple of examples of sensor research that's being conducted at the University of Cincinnati.

On Friday, UC hosted Cincinnati's third annual Sensor Community Retreat, attended by researchers, community members and students.

Here from UC to talk about sensor development in Cincinnati and the recent retreat are  Rashmi Jha, associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Ryan White, associate professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar, Department of Chemistry with a joint appointment in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and Bill Connick, professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center for Biosensors & Chemical Sensors.

For information on sensor research at the University of Dayton, click here.