Cars have always been a popular subject for musicians, but do you have any idea how rich and prevalent that connection is? The folks at Digital Third Coast were curious so did a deep dive analysis and the results are fascinating. Host Lee Hay talks with Collin Czarnecki from Digital Third Coast about the premise, methodology, and results of this study.

cincinnati auto expo
Courtesy Cincinnati Auto Expo

The age of self-driving cars hasn't arrived quite yet, but autonomous vehicles are no longer the science-fiction fantasies of just a decade ago. And many new cars, SUVs and trucks today are already equipped with cameras, proximity sensors, auto-braking systems and other sophisticated monitoring and safety features that help counter the main cause of of traffic accidents – human error.


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), DriveOhio and the City of Marysville are ramping up what will be the largest-ever connected vehicle project in the U.S.

Akron’s Innerbelt never lived up to its potential. It never even came close. The highway was supposed to give Akron’s suburbs easy access to downtown, but the road was never completed as intended. The bigger problem is that entire neighborhoods were bulldozed to make way for the highway.

Some of that history and the voices of a few of those who were affected are the focus of a story in the new issue of The Devil Strip:  "A Road to Nowhere: How the Construction of the Innerbelt Displaced Thousands" by Noor Hindi.

The designer of an iconic automobile has come back home to Dayton. Gale Halderman was born in Tipp City. He graduated from Bethel High School in 1950 and then attended art and design classes at the Dayton Art Institute. It may be surprising that the name behind one of America’s most popular sports cars didn’t set out to design anything like it.

“I loved to do lettering,” he says. “I used to letter all the school buses at school when I was in school. And then I saw this class that was designing televisions and bicycles and I thought, boy does that look exciting.”

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Cincinnati hit cruise control on its spot on a survey of the nation's best and worst drivers. 

  Will your next new car be smarter than you? With obstacle sensors, fuel-efficiency programs, Bluetooth connectivity, and onboard Wi-Fi, it’'s possible.

There may not be a lot of electric cars on the road now but Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld believes there will be soon and he wants the city to be ready. He's behind a resolution directing the city manager to look at creating more charging stations.

Tuesday, City Council's Education and Entrepreneurship Committee discussed a resolution directing the administration to report on the feasibility of having stations on city property, and creating incentives for privately owned stations. Eight of the nine council members signed on to the resolution.

Cincinnati Auto Expo

Feb 8, 2013

One of the great weekends of winter is going to the Duke Energy Convention Center to see the annual Cincinnati Auto Expo, presented by the Greater Cincinnati Auto Dealers Association and Hart Productions. Lee Hay speaks with Charlie Howard, executive vice-president of the GCADA about this year’s presentation of new cars, trucks, SUV’s, hybrids and crossovers, opening on February 20.


The faster police clear an accident, the faster you can get moving again. In this week’s Focus on Technology, Ann Thompson reports on new tools increasing the speed and accuracy of documenting police reports.