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City looking to add charging stations for electric cars

There may not be a lot of electric cars on the road now but Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld believes there will be soon and he wants the city to be ready. He's behind a resolution directing the city manager to look at creating more charging stations.

Tuesday, City Council's Education and Entrepreneurship Committee discussed a resolution directing the administration to report on the feasibility of having stations on city property, and creating incentives for privately owned stations. Eight of the nine council members signed on to the resolution.

Sittenfeld says getting ahead of the demand would be a wise move for the city. “I think what people are interested in is one, having transportation options, and two, taking actions that support and enhance sustainability. 

“And obviously,” Sittenfeld says, “electric cars are a new and growing transportation option, so I think having more charging stations around the city to let more people use this new and growing form is nothing but a good thing.”

The report from the city manager will outline the cost of building charging stations where they should be located, and the possibilities of incentives for companies that operate their own.  Sittenfeld says Cincinnati is an environmentally progressive city and looking into creating more charging stations makes sense.

“My understanding is actually that folks would be able to charge up for free,” Sittenfeld says.

The report is due by mid-January.

Bill Rinehart started his radio career as a disc jockey in 1990. In 1994, he made the jump into journalism and has been reporting and delivering news on the radio ever since.