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Updated: Friday 10:30 a.m.

A major mixed-use development project at Liberty and Elm in Over-the-Rhine has been delayed for two weeks while City Council reviews the details and tries to work affordable housing into the project.

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Community leaders gathered at the corner of Liberty and Elm in Over-the-Rhine on Tuesday to voice their displeasure on a development project that's up for a vote in Cincinnati City Council on Wednesday.

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Cincinnati City Council Friday unanimously approved a resolution condemning the actions of pro-Trump supporters this week who stormed the U.S. Capitol, wreaking havoc, causing terror and leading to at least five deaths.

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The city of Cincinnati will establish a Children and Families Cabinet to provide guidance on health and safety issues affecting children. Council Member Greg Landsman initiated the ordinance. He points to issues like the city's high infant mortality rate and lead poisoning.

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Three Cincinnati Council members have been indicted this year and accused of creating pay-to-play schemes with developers. Now, other members of council are deciding exactly how to prevent those kinds of crimes, and they're getting down to the specifics.

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Following corruption charges against three former and current Cincinnati City Council members, Vice Mayor Christoper Smitherman is proposing a "forensic audit" in which the city would look back at how all council members voted on development deals over a specific period of time.

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Cincinnati native Liz Keating is the newest interim Cincinnati City Council member. She was appointed to the position Friday morning by Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler, who said her high energy and the strongly rooted care she has for the community made her stand out from others he considered. 

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Racial minorities have historically had unequal opportunities in education, employment and housing. This summer, inequity in policing and the criminal justice system brought millions of people protesting in the streets across the country, including Cincinnati. But over the past few months, it's the inequity in health care that's been pushed into the spotlight due to COVID-19.

Cincinnati's Racial Equity Task Force was appointed earlier this fall and has the tall order of trying to recommend policy to take on these issues.

UPDATE 12/16/20: Cincinnati City Council unanimously voted in favor of the expansion Wednesday.

An expansion of outdoor dining in Over-the-Rhine, the Central Business District and Pendleton is sparking controversy after some say there hasn't been enough community input in the planning process.

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UPDATE 12/12/20: Cincinnati City Council voted in favor of the ordinance Wednesday. Council Member Betsy Sundermann voted against the measure saying she didn't agree with the transparency or price tag of the ordinance. 

An ordinance aimed at putting a stopper on local corruption may be up for a vote by Cincinnati City Council Wednesday. It calls for an independent Economic Development Reform Panel to analyze how the city handles development deals and has up to a $100,000 price tag attached to it. But not everyone agrees on how much money should be spent on the task.

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Outgoing Hamilton County Commissioner Victoria Parks has found a new passion: politics. Parks, whose term on commission ends Jan. 2, will run for Cincinnati City Council.

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I don't know if David Pepper, who will leave his six-year stint as Ohio Democratic Party chairman at the end of the month, will run for Cincinnati mayor in 2021.

I do know that he is thinking about it, because he told me he is. But he is nowhere near committing to a race.


Attorney Steve Goodin was sworn into Cincinnati City Council last week. He temporarily replaces suspended Republican Council Member Jeff Pastor, who faces federal bribery charges.

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Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld on Monday announced he is "temporarily" stepping down as he fights federal charges of bribery. Last month, Sittenfeld became the third City Council member arrested on bribery charges in less than a year. 

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In 2017, Kevin Flynn decided not to run for re-election to Cincinnati City Council after four years as a self-described "watchdog" over the city's council-manager form of government. Now, watching as three council members have been charged with felony corruption charges, Flynn has decided to attempt a return to City Council in 2021.

There is no guarantee, but Flynn is looked on by most people as a formidable contender for an open seat on council.

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The ever-dwindling band of Republicans in the city of Cincinnati haven't had much reason for hope in city politics for two generations now.

But the turmoil and "culture of corruption" at City Hall that has landed three council members in some very hot water – federal charges of bribery and abusing their offices – somehow is giving them a feeling there may be better days to come.

kevin flynn
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After returning to private life, former Cincinnati Council Member Kevin Flynn will run again for City Council in 2021.

At the Cincinnati Firefighters Union Hall on Tuesday, Flynn said that restoring trust in City Hall is what inspired him to seek reelection, on top of recent events, most notably the indictment of three city council members.

Three Cincinnati City Council members have been accused of taking bribes from developers this year. City Council Member David Mann says an independent commission could help put a stopper in local corruption when it comes to development.

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Attorney Steve Goodin will serve in place of suspended Cincinnati Councilman Jeff Pastor. Pastor was suspended last week, after being indicted on federal bribery charges. Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler named Goodin to the position Monday morning.

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I can't presume to say that Cincinnati Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld's political ambitions, which burned hotter than a match until his recent indictment on felony charges of bribery and extortion, are snuffed out for good.


Tamaya Dennard and her attorney stood before Federal Judge Susan Dlott Tuesday asking for home incarceration, not the two to three years prosecutors wanted for the former Cincinnati City Council member accused of corruption. In the end, Dlott sentenced Dennard to 18 months in prison with three years probation.

Pastor Suspended From Cincinnati City Council

Nov 23, 2020
jeff pastor
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Jeff Pastor has been suspended from Cincinnati City Council. Pastor was arrested earlier this month on corruption charges. 


Cincinnati City Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld says he is not guilty of federal bribery charges. Sittenfeld is the third council member to be arrested by federal agents this year.

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Updated: 1:58 p.m.

Cincinnati City Council Member and 2021 mayoral candidate P.G. Sittenfeld is saying he's not guilty of federal charges he accepted $40,000 in bribes from developers in exchange for council votes during 2018 and 2019. 

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On the steps of City Hall on Thursday, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley says it's not hard to argue that there's a "culture of corruption" following the arrest of a third City Council member.

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Updated: 1:32 p.m.

A third Cincinnati City Council member this year has been arrested and accused of taking bribes in exchange for favorable votes on development projects. The FBI says Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld was arrested at his home Thursday morning after accepting $40,000 in bribes.

jeff pastor
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A Cincinnati resident is suing to remove Jeff Pastor from office. The city councilman was indicted earlier this month on 10 counts of extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and accepting bribes.

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Murray Seasongood. Ted Berry. Charlie Taft. Bobbie Sterne. And all the others from generations of leaders at Cincinnati City Hall who have upheld the standards of honesty and integrity in the city's council-manager form of government for generations now.

What would they be thinking if they could see the mess that Cincinnati City Council has become?

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Two Cincinnati council members are proposing legislation aimed at addressing corruption at City Hall. Council members Betsy Sundermann and Greg Landsman introduced their proposals just an hour apart Monday morning.

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The Arts Apartments at Music Hall in Cincinnati's gentrifying West End is in for renovations and changes that will result in nearly 250 affordable and low-income housing for the next 20 years.

City Council unanimously approved a tax exemption last week to help finance the project.