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Ohio's Senators react to attacks in Libya and Egypt

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Senator Rob Portman says the attacks in Libya and Egypt are heartbreaking reminders that we live in a very dangerous world and need to remain vigilant.  During a conference call with reporters today, Portman said those responsible should be pursued.     

"We need to go after the perpetrators and hold them responsible.  The government of Egypt and the government of Libya need to ensure that these folks are held acountable," said Portman.  "They also need to do a better job of protecting American soil, just as we protect their embassies in the United States."

Portman says there should be strong condemnation of the attacks, not just from the U.S., but also from the governments of Libya and Egypt. 

During his weekly conference call, Ohio's other Senator also weighed in.  Sherrod Brown says it's a serious situation, but he's not calling it an act of war. 

Senator Sherrod Brown

“I’m not going to go a place saying it’s an act of war, we don’t know that,” Brown said.  “If it is in fact a terrorist act as we think, we should deal with it in that way.  I look to the President as we always do in that situation, not to second guess, not to politicize, but for leadership.  And I think the President so far has shown that.”