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Governor hits the road with Ohio transportation plan


Hamilton County Commissioners and other local leaders are throwing their support behind Governor Kasich's plan to use the Ohio Turnpike to generate funding for road projects. 

Kasich talked about the proposal during a press conference in Cincinnati Friday, the second day of his state tour promoting it.  He said it would generate about $3 billion without leasing the Turnpike or laying off Turnpike employees. 

Commissioner Todd Portune said the plan would also help pay for local transportation projects such as the Mill Creek Expressway, the Thru the Valley project on the I-75 corridor, and the Eastern Corridor.

Cincinnati Chamber President Ellen van der Horst said her organization supports the governor's plan. 

"There will be much broader benefits delivered across all of Ohio because of the 21st century thinking that has been presented here today," she said.

House Speaker Pro Tem Lou Blessing said there's bipartisan support for the plan in the state legislature. 

Kasich's proposal would issue bonds backed by future toll revenue from the Ohio Turnpike.  Most of that money would go to Northern Ohio, but officials said that would free up spending the state's gas tax and federal funds for road projects across the state.