Angela Perkins Survives Another Week On 'Survivor'

Mar 21, 2018

Army veteran Angela Perkins was missing in action for most of Survivor: Ghost Island Wednesday, but she survived.  That's what counts.

Perkins, 42, an Iraq war vet from Oregonia, was hardly seen in the episode. She didn't play a major role in either the reward or immunity challenges for her Naviti tribe. Mostly she was cheering for others as they ran across a floating bridge to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, were cranked to shore by a tow rope or threw sandbags at a target.

Angela Perkins (left) cheers while Naviti tribe mates James Lim, Domenick Abbate, Chris Noble and Laurel Johnson crank a huge reel to pull a teammate to shore in the immunity challenge.
Credit Robert Voets / CBS Broadcasting Inc.

The good news is that her Naviti tribe won both challenges, and avoided going to Tribal Council to vote out one of the 16 remaining contestants. More good news: Some of her former Naviti teammates now on the Malolo tribe also have a numbers advantage, and sent home Stephanie Johnson from the original Malolo tribe. Johnson, 34, is a yoga instructor from Boise and a single mother with two children.

But the game changes next week. The promo for the March 28 episode (8 p.m., Channel 12, CBS) showed host Jeff Probst instructing everyone to "drop their buffs," signaling the second tribe change in six episodes.

As of now, Perkins' original Nativi tribe has nine contestants, while the Malolo team has only six.

Angela Perkins (front center in purple tank top) and her Naviti tribe.
Credit Robert Voets / CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Perkins, a divorced mother of two grown children (22 and 20), will host a Survivor viewing party March 28 at Buffalo Wings & Rings, 5517 Kings Center Drive, east of the I-71/Kings Mills Road exit. She's schedule to attend viewing parties there April 11 and 25, and May 2, 9 and 16.  Here's a link to my interview with her.

Survivor: Ghost Island was taped last summer on Fiji. The $1-million winner will be revealed on Wednesday, May 23, the last day of the May ratings "sweeps."