MOBO: Cincinnati's Only Bicycle Cooperative

May 2, 2013

May is National Bicycle Month, and to help celebrate, Local Exposure presents a series of stories about bikes and cycling in Greater Cincinnati.

The MoBo Bicycle Cooperative is a non-profit volunteer-run cooperative dedicated to making cycling accessible and practical to everyone in the greater Cincinnati area. 

The co-op is about helping people help themselves. They provide a central place for people to come to rescue bicycles and learn how to fix and maintain them. The volunteer mechanics do not fix bikes for people; they help guide members who are working on their own bicycle projects. The co-op also works for bicycle advocacy, and organizes rides, social events, and contests.  Their focus is on empowering people, getting them on bicycles, and having fun.

In May of 2012, Chelsea met with several members of the MOBO board and spoke to them about their organization.


My White Bicycle by Tomorrow