This, That, Or The Other

Nov 3, 2017
Originally published on April 27, 2018 10:14 am

Lance Reddick and Paul Rust teamed up for a very glamorous This, That, Or The Other. Can you guess whether each phrase is the name of a TV series on the BBC, a type of flower, or an erotic technique described in the Kama Sutra?


Lance Reddick On His Ideal Night In

I'm gonna give you the PG version. My wife and I binge-watching our latest whatever show we're crazy about and ordering in and cuddling on the couch. And I'm gonna give you [PG-]13— we kiss a little bit.

Paul Rust On His Ideal Night In

Mainly stuff with the occult. My wife and I'll get our hands on some sort of goat, get some blood on the floor in certain shapes and make a wish.

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Our next game is about BBC shows, flowers and the Kama Sutra, which is also my criteria for a successful staycation.


EISENBERG: But let's check in with our contestants. Lance, can you describe to me your ideal night in?

LANCE REDDICK: OK. I'm going to give you the PG version.


REDDICK: My wife and I binge watching our latest - whatever show we're crazy about and ordering in and cuddling on the couch.

EISENBERG: All right. Oh, and cuddling on the couch. Got it. I know people got excited.

PAUL RUST: That's nice. That's nice.

EISENBERG: All right, let me ask you...

REDDICK: Like I said, it was the PG version.

EISENBERG: Let me - give me two...


REDDICK: And I'm going to give you a 13. We kiss a little bit.



EISENBERG: Just a little bit. Paul, describe your ideal night in.

RUST: Mainly stuff with the cult.


RUST: My wife and I will get our hands on some sort of goat.


RUST: Put some blood on the floor in certain shapes and make a wish.


EISENBERG: Will you kiss a little?


RUST: A little kissing.

EISENBERG: It's time for one of our favorite games, This, That Or The Other. I'm going to give you a word or phrase. And you just have to tell me which of three categories it belongs to. Jonathan Coulton, what are today's categories?

COULTON: Today's categories are TV series on the BBC, types of flowers and erotic techniques described in the Kama Sutra.


EISENBERG: We'll go back and forth, so no need to buzz in. After this game, the contestant with the most points overall will go to the final round. The loser will appear in the Lifetime original series adaptation of this game.


EISENBERG: The good news is the points are doubled in this game, so it's anyone's game. Let's go.

COULTON: Lance, this one is for you - sporting of a sparrow.

REDDICK: That's got to be a Kama Sutra technique.

EISENBERG: It absolutely is. You are correct.


REDDICK: I was like, if that's a flower, I'm leaving now.


EISENBERG: Paul - pie in the sky.

RUST: Well, I've eaten pie.

COULTON: That's right, talk it out.

RUST: I'm going to say it's a flower.

EISENBERG: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Lance, can you steal? It's either a Kama Sutra position or BBC series.

REDDICK: I would say BBC series.

EISENBERG: Yes, that is correct.


EISENBERG: "Pie In The Sky" is a police-investigator-turned-pastry-chef.

REDDICK: Of course it is.

EISENBERG: And he's blackmailed by his old boss.

REDDICK: Well, you say he's black?

EISENBERG: He's been blackmailed by his old boss.


REDDICK: I thought if they remake, there was a role for me, but all right.


COULTON: Lance, this is for you - bachelor's button.

REDDICK: (Laughter) Batchelor's button.

COULTON: If you know what I mean.

RUST: (Laughter).

REDDICK: I'm going to go with my first guess. It's a flower.

COULTON: It is a flower. You're right.

RUST: Nice.


EISENBERG: Paul - devil's trumpet.

RUST: Only because I want it to be - Kama Sutra?

EISENBERG: (Laughter) No.



EISENBERG: Sorry. We all want things.

RUST: (Unintelligible) brass?

EISENBERG: Lance, can you steal? Is it either a BBC series or a flower? Devil's trumpet.

REDDICK: Devil's trumpet.


REDDICK: I'm going to say flower again.

EISENBERG: It is a flower, yeah.


EISENBERG: It's a white flower that blooms suddenly at dusk and has hallucinogenic properties.

COULTON: Lance - rising damp.

REDDICK: (Laughter) Not to necessarily go for the obvious, but I'd say Kama Sutra.

COULTON: I'm sorry, that is incorrect. It is not Kama Sutra. Thank goodness.

EISENBERG: The most - yeah - the most disgusting position.

REDDICK: See, that's some misogynistic stuff you're saying. See, I think that's positive, myself, but, you know, whatever.

EISENBERG: OK. All right. You're right. I'm sorry. You're right.

COULTON: Everybody has - no, I know. I understand.

RUST: It sounds like both partners are satisfied.


COULTON: Paul, do you want to take a guess from the two remaining possibilities, BBC series or flower?

RUST: I'll go flower.

COULTON: I'm sorry, it is a BBC series about a conniving landlord.

EISENBERG: Puzzle Guru Art Chung, how did our contestants do?

ART CHUNG: It was a clean sweep for Lance. And, Lance, you're headed to the final round.



EISENBERG: Paul, so great meeting you. Thank you so much for being on our show.

RUST: It was nice to be here. Thank you for having me.

EISENBERG: Paul Rust stars on the Netflix series "Love." Give it up for Paul Rust.

RUST: Thank you.

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