Wendy Dewitt & Ricky Nye team up for 2 concerts

Apr 20, 2016

Wendy Dewitt

The Queen of Boogie Woogie from San Francisco, Wendy Dewitt, the Queen of Boogie Woogie from San Francisco, and her drummer Kirk Harwood will perform two concerts here in Cincinnati with our own world-famous Boogie Woogie maestro, Ricky Nye.

The first concert will be at the Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue on Wednesday, April 27th.  The second show will be at Covington's Baker Hunt Arts & Cultural Center Thursday evening, April 28th.

You can hear an interview with Ron Esposito talking with Wendy Dewitt and Ricky Nye in WVXU's studio during The Blues show on WVXU/WMUB, Saturday evening, April 23rd, which runs 11pm to midnight.