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Celebrate The Music And History Of Cincinnati's King Records With Playhouse In The Park On May 31


Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park will salute the legacy of King Records with a celebration in Washington Park on Sunday, May 31. Celebrating King Records will feature an evening of food, music and memories, capped with a staged concert reading of KJ Sanchez?'s play CINCINNATI KING. The event launches the ?OTR Performs? series and is also included as part of this year?'s Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Here to talk about the event, and King Records, are KJ Sanchez, Playhouse in the Park director  and associate artist; Philip Paul, who was studio drummer at King Records from 1951 to 1964; and, Chris Schadler, an urban planner with the Xavier University Community Building Institute, and the project manager for King Studios.

WVXU's Lee Hay produced a wonderful special about King Records, celebrating the label's 70th anniversary - to listen, click here.