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Jennifer Teege's Story Of Discovering The Truth About Her Grandfather

The Experiment

Jennifer Teege, an adopted German-Nigerian woman, made a shocking discovery at age 38 from a library book: her grandfather, Amon Goeth, was a sadistic Nazi war criminal. The commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp in German-occupied Poland, Goeth was known as the ?Butcher of Plaszów.? She realized he would have killed her if he had met her.

The discovery set Teege on a mission to comprehend her dark family history. She then wrote a book of her own, ?MyGrandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past.?

Jennifer Teege joins us, along with The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education Executive Director, Sarah Weiss; and MayersonJCCof Cincinnati Cultural Arts Manger, Betsy Singer-Lefton.

Jennifer Teege will be speaking at the MayersonJCC Thursday, March 31, at 7pm. There will be a meet and greet and book signing afterward. For more information click here.