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Author Steve Kissing Discusses Graphic Memoir On Epilepsy

Steve Kissing's story of growing up with epilepsy has been converted into a graphic memoir.

In his 2003 book, "Running from the Devil: A Memoir of a Boy Possessed," Steve Kissing tells the story of growing up believing he was possessed by the devil, and the steps he took to hide his condition– later discovered to be epilepsy. The book has just been converted into a graphic memoir.

Even though the seizure disorder has been known for centuries and currently affects 65 million people worldwide, old myths and misunderstandings about epilepsy still persist today.

Joining us to discuss epilepsy and what it's like to live with the seizure disorder are author and Managing Director of Wordsworth Communications Steve Kissing; and Director of the Epilepsy Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute and UC College of Medicine Professor of Neurology, Dr. Michael Privitera.