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The Fallout From The Equifax Security Breach And Steps You Should Take To Protect Your Credit

A cybersecurity breach at Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus, has compromised the personal data of about 143 million Americans, almost half the country. The company says the cyber thieves were able to steal social security numbers, birth dates, and addresses for a massive number of people.

Equifax has also acknowledged a second breach this year, which the company says occurred in March and is not related to the latest one.

Here to discuss the Equifax hacks and steps you can take to protect yourself are Chris Nicak from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center; attorney Jane Hils Shea, who leads Frost Brown Todd’s Privacy and Information Security Practice; Sandra Guile with the Cincinnati BBB; and Bill Staler, CEO of LifeSpan, a non-profit organization that offers financial guidance and education along with other services. 

The Cincinnati BBB’s crash course on cybersecurity for business owners, [UNHACKABLE], is tomorrow at UC Blue Ash. For more information click here.