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Addressing The Challenges Faced By Our Returning Veterans & Their Families


More than 200,000 US service members return to civilian life each year. For many veterans, and their families, that transition is filled with challenges. 

The Veterans Coming Homeproject, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, aims to help close the gap between the military and civilians by encouraging conversations across the country and addressing the needs of veterans in their local communities. As part of the project, CET will hold a Veterans Coming Home town hall on August 16.

Joining us to discuss some of the challenges returning veterans face, and resources available to them, are Employment Enhancement Program - Veterans Employment Specialist with the Ohio National Guard, Sarah Meeds; Veteran Student Affairs Manager and Assistant Director of Veterans Upward Bound at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Darrell Smith; and one of the co-founders of  the TristateVeterans Community Alliance, President & CEO Dan Knowles.

On August 16, Channel 48 CET will hold a Veterans Coming Home town hall meeting at the station, which will be recorded for broadcast at a later date. For more information and to RSVP, click here. If you are unable to attend the town hall, CET will also be live-tweeting and streaming through Facebook live. Follow CET's social pages @CETconnect and use the hashtag #VetsComingHome to join in.

The Kenton County Public Library in conjunction with the Library of CongressVeteran?s OralHistory Project is seeking veterans of all branches of the military to document an oral history account of their military service. Interviews will be recorded and digitally preserved on the Library'?s website. To schedule a time to share your story, please contact Bill Stolz or Elaine Kuhn in the history department of the Kenton County Public Library at 859-962-4070 or