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Using Movie Making To Connect Cincinnati Neighborhoods


The neighborhood film project Hilltop Stories and Cradle Cincinnati have teamed up to shine a light on the Cincinnati neighborhoods of North and South Fairmount and South Cumminsville. 

This summer, Hilltop Stories joined with more than 100 community members to create more than ten films starring residents from the neighborhoods.

Joining us to discuss how Hilltop Stories and Cradle Cincinnati are using movie making to connect Fairmount and South Cumminsville residents to social service agencies in order to create  healthier, more vibrant communities, are Film-maker, actress, and TriHealth Community Health Worker in North Fairmount, Lucy Alvarez; Outreach Coordinator for Cradle Cincinnati Connections and Production Assistant, Amy Clasgens; and Hilltop Stories Co-creator and Producer, Sam Meador.

The films produced by Hilltop Stories will be shown at a "movies in the park" event on Friday, August 26, at 8 p.m. at the South Fairmount Playground, 1685 Queen City Avenue. Movies start at 9:00, bring your own lawn chairs.