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Sheriff Neil closes jail revolving door

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil says he is keeping his two campaign promises:

  1. Stop the revolving door at the Justice Center (detain all arrested until they make bail or appear in court)
  2. Conduct an independent fiscal review of the Sheriff's Department

During a news conference, Neil was short on details on how he is able to detain all male inmates without going over the limit of 1,240 inmates. He promises to have one of his staff brief Hamilton County Commissioners on the particulars on Monday. In the past officers complained that many of the people they arrested ended up back on the street before police got back to their districts.

“As someone who worked Patrol for years I understand how frustrating it is to arrest someone only to have them beat you back to the neighborhood.  Victims of crime are applauding this, the arresting officers are applauding this, as well as the judges.  I am proud of my team and thrilled to say the revolving door has stopped.”

Neil gave the media a rare look behind the scenes at the Hamilton County Justice Center. (See pictures on WVXU's Facebook page.)

The Sheriff also detailed the audit process he promises will be finished in 100 days. It's being conducted by Attorney Scott Greenwood and former Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher. Neil says they are investigating ways  to make the department more efficient and effective. The $40,000-50,000 the audit will cost is not coming out of the Hamilton County general fund. Neil says it's being paid for out of the Sheriff's Department budget.