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Children's to test new bird flu vaccine


Cincinnati Children's Hospital is taking preliminary steps to protect you from the bird flu.

The hospital is one of nine centers nationwide enrolling people to test an avian influenza vaccine. Even though the virus hasn't been detected in the U.S. and isn't easily spread between people, the lead Cincinnati Children's researcher says he's concerned it might start to spread rapidly and doctors need to be prepared with a vaccine to protect people.

The first human cases of H7N9 first emerged in China in February. The World Health Organization says as of last month there were 135 cases, including 44 deaths. It has not been reported outside China.

Two clinical trials will enroll healthy adults ages 19 to 64 to study the safety of the vaccine and the responses to it. The vaccine was made from an inactivated avian virus isolated in Shanghai. The vaccine was developed by Sanofi Pasteur. The clinical trials will conclude in December 2014.

More information about the trials is here , using these identifiers: NCT01938742 and NCT01942265 or you can call the Cincinnati Children's study line 513-636-7699 or email gambleprogram@cchmc.org