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What College Students Should Know About Their Health History Before Heading To Campus

Students across the country are getting ready to head-off to college campuses, many of them about to live away from home for the first time. Unfortunately, one of the new experiences they will probably have is getting sick, without mom or dad there to take them to the doctor, get their medicine, and nurse them back to health. There is always the campus health center, but many young adults don?t know their complete personal and family medical histories or other information helpful or even critical in a medical situation. Joining us to discuss what students should know before leaving for school, and the role of today?s campus health centers, are Mary Rosenfeldt, associate director of Health Services with the McGrath Health and Wellness Center at Xavier University; Dr. Benjamin Anderson, director of Health, Counseling, and Student Wellness at Northern Kentucky University; and Dr. Glenn Egelman, executive director of University Health Services at the University of Cincinnati.