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Training The Next Generation Of Physicians To Work Effectively With Their Transgender Patients


In a 2015 survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality, 33% of respondents who saw a health care provider in the previous year say they had a negative experience. 

23% of those responding to the survey said they did not even seek health care due to a fear of being mistreated.

While the concept of transgender medicine is developing rapidly, it is still a relatively new field. Many physicians and other health care providers are unfamiliar with how to treat gender dysphoria or care for transgender individuals.

Professors at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine have developed a curriculum to train students how to care for their future transgender patients.

Joining us from the UC College of Medicine Department of Family & Community Medicine to discuss training medical providers to treat transgender patients are Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Pickle, Department of Family & Community Medicine, and Assistant Professor Dr. Aaron Marshall, Department of Medical Education.