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Cemeteries serve many purposes. They honor loved ones, commemorate lives and record history. They offer genealogical and historical insights into a common past. While Spring Grove is Cincinnati’s most well-known cemetery, there are many others with unique stories. WVXU visits three final resting places for civil war veterans, Cincinnati pioneers and early Jewish residents of Cincinnati.For more fascinating cemetery stories, visit NPR's Dead Stop: Road Trip Map.

Cincinnati's Historic Cemeteries

Part 2


Most of us view cemeteries as the final resting place for friends, family and loved ones, but they also hold a wealth of information about our past. Much can be learned about our heritage, and anyone who knows how to look can discover secrets and stories of previous generations. We delve further into  our series about local historic cemeteries with Phil Nuxhall, historian, author and tour coordinator atSpring Grove Cemetery, University of Cincinnati Archives and Rare Books Library Head Archivist Kevin Grace, and WVXU Reporter Howard Wilkinson.