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Tougher Penalties For Drunk Drivers In Ohio Under Annie's Law

Rooney Family

A new Ohio law imposing stiffer penalties on drunk drivers took effect in April. Annie's Law increases the mandatory minimum driving suspension for first-time OVI offenders. The most significant change created by the law involves first-time offenders and the use of ignition interlock devices. When the device is installed in a car the driver must pass a breath test before the vehicle will start. The law is named for Annie Rooney. The Chillicothe attorney was 36 years old when she was killed by a repeat drunk driver in 2013.

Here to discuss the law and how it is meant to better protect us are the Honorable Curtis Kissinger, a judge on the Hamilton County Municipal Court and chair of the Court’s Criminal and Traffic Law Committee; Teresa Hayes, state director with LifeSafer, an ignition interlock provider; and Dr. Walt Rooney, Annie Rooney's older brother. Dr. Rooney is an Otolaryngologist/Plastic Surgeon affiliated with The Mercy Health System. He also sits on the national board of directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).