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Cincinnati Fights for Survival of the Kindest

The Compassion Games run September 11 - 21

For 11 days starting this September 11th, Cincinnati will be one of several cities competing in The Compassion Games.  The games are an outreach program by the Charter for Compassion, a worldwide network whose goal is to advance the spirit and practice of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Diane Wright and Jeremy Bilby – representatives of Compassionate Cincinnati – informed me that the immediate goal of The Compassion Games is to see which city can rally the most acts of kindness and general goodness.  The long-term goal, however, is to make our communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live.

This map shows a tally of acts of kindness being done across North America.

Participation is simple.  Any individual can perform a Random Act of Kindness, or become a Secret Agent of Compassion and receive a secret mission for each of the eleven days.  They then simply record each act on the Compassion Games website and see how their community measures up against such places as New York City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Montreal, Nashville, Houston or Phoenix.

Citizens of all ages are encourage to participate.  For young people, please check out the Children's Charter or Compassion.

Secret Agent Conrad Uno - Return to Chaos 7" by Man or Astro-Man from the album Your Weight on the Moon
Secret Agent
by The Backyardigans from the album Born to Play

Jim is a Northern Kentucky native and a father of three. In his spare time, Jim likes to read, play ice hockey and watch foreign films. He currently resides with his family on the East side of town.