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Ghosts, witches and zombies (oh my!)...91.7 WVXU has lots of stories of the strange and macabre to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Crazy, interesting & gross Halloween tech costumes

Need a last minute idea for a Halloween costume that could light up the party, and in some cases, gross out your friends? Ray Cappel, co-owner of Cappel's, costumes, party decorations & supplies in Cincinnati, says if you know how to accessorize, you can make your costume very unique. He pulled a few technology-related items off the shelf and suggested:

Cappel says in the last two to three years accessory sales have picked up. "I think the reason for that is, when people go to parties they don't all want to look alike and I think there has been an even higher creativity in Halloween these days so that doesn't happen."
Former NASA scientist and Mars Rover specialist Mark Rober took Halloween costumes to the next level with a series of apps for iPhone and android that allow your friends to peek into your insides.


Other Ideas

Popular Mechanics describes a series of do-it-yourself costumes.

  1. Jellyfish-put a helmet inside a plastic bowl and glue 22 kids light-up necklaces on it.
  2. LED Suit- kind of like a walking Lite Brite.
  3. Billy Jean Shoes- screw your shoes to LED floor tiles so they light up every time you step on them.
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