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Set your alarm: Total lunar eclipse should be visible early Wednesday

Dean Regas
Cincinnati Observatory

Early risers are in for a treat Wednesday morning. A total lunar eclipse begins at 5:15 am.  The Cincinnati Observatory's Dean Regas says that's when the shadow of the earth will being moving across the moon creating an orange tint that some refer to as a 'blood moon.'

The moon should be fully eclipsed by 6:30 am and will set around 7:30 am.

"Although unlikely," says Regas, "it's possible to be standing outside about 7:40 am and you look to the west and you're going to see the moon setting in eclipse and then you turn 180 degrees to the east and you'll see the sun rising on the other side. It's the perfect symmetry, you're right in the middle of these two objects."

If you have a telescope Regas says you can also catch a glimpse of Uranus. It will be the pale blue dot about one degree to the left of the moon while it's eclipsed.

We're currently in a four-eclipse cycle but bad weather blocked our view when this last happened in April.

If you miss out Wednesday, you'll  have two more chances before the end of next year. After that, you'll have to wait until 2018 to get another shot.