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New Theater Puts Price Hill Center Stage

The new Incline Theater in East Price Hill is ready to open. The first performance is scheduled for next week. The $6 million project is being hailed as energizing the entire neighborhood.

“You can talk plans, and you can show renderings all day, but when people see things coming out of the ground, they start to believe,” says Ken Smith, executive director of Price Hill Will. “And I think this development project and the actual construction of it has just added more enthusiasm to the neighborhood.”

Smith says there has been increased engagement with neighbors and an increase in the number of people moving in or showing interest in moving into the neighborhood.

Smith says people took notice when the project was announced.

“There’s been a lot of investment in this immediate area. And I think when people see a new garage, a live performance theater going in, all of a sudden they realize that amount of investment has to trigger more investment.  And if you own a building here you feel better about investing in that building, if their neighbor is investing $5 or $6 million in development.”

The Incline Theater includes the 229 seat performance space and a two level parking garage.

Smith says the Incline Theater will draw people from outside the neighborhood, and that will improve business opportunities.  Ee says he's seeing more people inquiring about buying property and moving into Price Hill.

The theater is operated by Landmark Productions, which also runs the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts.

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